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Transformer oil testing

Welcome to Mysore Power Testing Centre, which is commonly known as (MPTC) is one of the India’s leading industries in testing the electrical equipments such as Generators, HT motors, Bushings, Cables, Transformer, etc. Our major intention is on oil conditioning which makes us to perform the correct testing. MPTC provides the best and valuable services for the power equipments. We use the latest techniques in sorting out the problem, based on the equipment condition for oil conditioning and have also achieved the best servicer from our customer’s perspective. Mysore Power Testing Centre mainly focuses on customer satisfaction and we had been awarded for the same.

MPTC has come across several testing such as transformer oil testing, DC absorption test, etc and after the testing we finally find out the leakage current test in order to obtain the best result. We also perform tan delta test and Current transformer core which is the best diagnostic test that adds additional name to our Mysore Power Testing Centre. We are well established for the quality and safety power equipments such as current transformer core.


  1. Condition Monitoring Tests on Transformers
  2. Condition Monitoring Tests on Generator
  3. Condition Monitoring Tests on H.T. Motor
  4. Electrical Tests on HV Cables
  5. Electrical Tests on CT/PT/CVT/Grading Capacitors
  6. Condition Monitoring tests on Shunt Capacitor
  7. Earth Resistance Test
  8. Relay Calibration

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